Signing up for Exceleras

Go to

Click “New User Signup” from drop-down select “Agent”

Enter “Email Address” submit

Check mail for “no reply Welcome to Exceleras” email

Click or copy paste link from the email received (

Read “Agent User Agreement” select “I agree” click “SUBMIT”

From “Agent Profile” fill in all required fields “SUBMIT PROFILE

  • Login Name *
  • First Name *
  • Last Name *
  • Email Address*
  • Confirm Email Address*
  • Office Phone*
  • Company Name*
  • Company Address*
  • Company City*
  • Company State*
  • Company Zipcode*
  • Company County*
  • What percentage of your listing were sold to investors? *
  • Do you want to provide W-9 information? * (question appears under “MY ACCOUNT”)


Check email for “Disposolutions Login Information” please click the link to create a password.

Password Requirements

*Must be between 8 and 25 characters

*Must contain at least one uppercase letter

*Must contain at least one lowercase letter

*Must contain at least one number

*Must contain at least one special symbol:!@#$%^&*.+=

After password creation select one of the DispoSolutions Subscription Sign-up

Limited Subscription (FREE)

Basic Subscription - $75 per year

Premium Subscription - $300 per year


Note if “LIMITED” next screen select “CONTINUE WITH LIMITED” proceed to next screen

“Our Record Indicates Following” click “CONTINUE” to complete profile setup