How does your system work? Am I guaranteed assignments?


DispoSolutions is operated by Exceleras LLC We are a software company.

DispoSolutions provides online software to facilitate interaction between users like you, our subscribers, and our clients who use our system to complete various Valuation, Short-Sale, and REO assignments.

When you create an account in DispoSolutions, the address provided on your profile page is a used to determine your location via mapping software. This is how your location is determined.

Our clients will input properties into the system and conduct searches for available agents within the vicinity of the subject property. The criteria for these searches are customizable and can include distance from the subject property, zip code, state, city, first and last name, etc.

Since we are a technology provider, we have no direct control over the frequency or amount of work assigned to a particular agent, nor can we predict when work will become available in any particular area.