What are the differences in your subscription levels?

DispoSolutions operates on an annual subscription service. There are three levels at which you can subscribe:

Limited – This option is completely free and you can upgrade at any time in the future.  At this level, you will be eligible to receive BPO assignments. However, you will not be eligible for REO listings.

Basic – There is a $149 annual fee for the Basic subscription.  You can upgrade at any time.  At the Basic level, you are eligible to receive both BPO and REO assignments.

Premium – There is a $499 annual fee for the Premium subscription. At the Premium level, you are eligible to receive both BPO and REO assignments. Also, you can choose up to 30 total zip codes where you wish to be seen as eligible to receive assignments and you can add a link to a personal website that allows our clients to learn more about you and your qualifications. Finally you will have access to Bluehammer.

Please note that you will still be eligible for assignments outside of your zip code with both the Limited and Basic level subscriptions; however, you will not show eligible for searches that specifically use zip codes as search criteria other than the one listed under your company’s address in your profile page.

If you wish to upgrade from a Basic level subscription to a Premium level subscription and want to apply the original payment towards the $499 fee, you must contact our Help Desk within 30 days from the time you subscribed at the Basic level.